Holy Heffa Burger Truck

Holy Heffa Burger Truck

At Holy Heffa, we don’t follow trends; we set them. Inspired by a team that's passionate about beef, buns, cheese and sauce. 


Inspired by a team that's passionate about beef, buns cheese and sauce. A menu that's kept simple to focus on burgers made with love and care, delivered with attitude.

A rich, juicy, succulent patty stares into the eyes. Dripping from the side of a crispy bun, the sauce is alive. You can’t turn a good burger down. Nobody turns that down. But here at Holy Heffa, we’re not just talking about a ‘good burger’. This is something more. 

As it oozes over the thick patty and soon melts into the tongue, cheese meets the romantic needs of all. You’re witness to it. This is a New Age of Burger. This is the Juicy Revolution that no revolutionary can resist. No, our dear friends, this is not a ‘new age’ burger – this is new age IN Burger.  

Picture it…

A thick, large, succulent patty. Cheese. Yet another thick, large, succulent patty. Cheese. Tomato tries to interject, only to be interrupted by another thick, large, succulent patty. This takes two hands, folks. This isn’t your average Burger of two bites – you know, the little cupcakes that pitifully pass for “beef” these days. No, no. We’re talking about Burgers that require attention. As a wise man once said (unidentified, but nonetheless wise), “Love the burger, and it shall love you.” 

We are HOLY HEFFA, and we drive The Vehicle of Cheese. We have made it our purpose to make the greatest burgers Australia has ever known. From the truck, we cook, and in front of this great vehicle, you form a line. Some have called this line The Queue of Eternal Salivation. Others refuse to give it a name – in respect of the true authenticity of the wait. 

It is then and there that The Burgers meet the smacking tongues. It is then and there that stomachs shall roar no more. Those who salivate, those who dream, shall feel the glory of Holy Heffa. 

Yes, this is a burger truck that serves really big, really tasty burgers. Yes, this truck, this Vehicle of Cheese, will impart you with golden fries and milky milkshakes to be enjoyed alongside The Burger. Join us. We only ask that you respect the cheese.

Burgers made with love and care, and delivered with attitude.

Holy Heffa Pty Ltd | Est. 2016, Western Sydney